Why you need to stop cleaning with bleach now!


A recent report released has linked infection in children with cleaning with bleach.

Bleach is used in so many households in Australia. It could be the cause of child infections on the rise!

An alternative bleach is cheap, easy to make and doesn’t have a health risk associated with it!

I hope this post inspires you to toss your bleach bottles and make your own safe, natural cleaning bleach.

The study included over 9000 children, who completed a questionnaire regarding infection and bleach use. The study was completed in the Netherlands, Spain and Finlands, and the results were the same for all countries.

With homes that cleaned with bleach, the study found the risk of

– Flu was 20% higher

– Tonsillitis 35% higher

– Recurrent infection 18%

These figures are alarming! 

“The process of cleaning with bleach could generate volatile or airborne compounds that could damage the lining of lung cells, sparking inflammation and making it easier for infections to take hold”

Check out this Sydney Morning Herald article to read about it in detail.

But what can we use instead of bleach??

Believe it or not there is a cheap, easy alternative. Here’s how:

Natural Homemade Bleach Alternative

12 cups water

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 cup hydrogen peroxide (You can purchase this from most supermarkets.)


– Mix the ingredients together.

You can use it as a  household cleaner or you can add 2 cups per wash load to make your clothes sparkling white.

Do you think you have developed an infection from use of bleach in your household cleaning? Will you be making this super easy alternative at home? Let me know in the comments below!




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