5 Reasons to Love SoapNuts (& how to use them)

soapnutsRecently, in a Laneway Learning class I took in Melbourne, ‘Cupboard Cosmetics’ with the Green Genie (side note: Laneway Learning classes are awesome, if you want to get involved in some cheap classes, check them out) I was introduced to the magic of Soapnuts.

What are Soapnuts you ask?

Soapnuts are a small brown leathery looking round fruit that get up to 2cm in diameter and are so incredibly magic, because they lather in water!

Yep, a natural soap!

Here’s reasons why I love Soapnuts and why you should to:

  1. No waste. Since they are 100% natural, after being used, they can be tossed in the garden or compost
  2. Non toxic. Unlike other soap detergents, there are not complex, harmful chemicals. They have even been know to use as a great soap alternative for eczema sufferers!
  3. Effective: Soapnuts are amazing at cleaning. Approx 4-6 whole soapnuts placed into a small drawstring bag, or tied up sock will be sufficient for 4-6 loads of washing. They can even be used to clean cloth nappies! and are super great for sensitive baby skin.
  4. Affordable: Soapnuts can be bought in bulk to save money. A 500g bag can last 6 months!
  5. Multi-purpose : They can be used as detergents, body washes, shampoos… the list is endless.

For more info and where to buy soapnuts check out this site.

How to use Soapnuts

For the laundry: Place 3-6 whole cracked shells (or equivalent in pieces) into a washnet (or tied up old sock), close with an elastic band around the top and place into the tub with your laundry

To Make a concentrate:

Place 100 grams of soapnuts with 3 litres of water in a large saucepan or stock pot  to make 2L of concentrate. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for an hour or so. Strain the liquid through cloth and compost the nuts.

The Concentrate can then be used as: Laundry Liquid, hand soap (in a foam pump bottle), shampoo, general surface cleaner, carpet cleaner, dishwasher soap, pest spray, glass cleaner (mix equal parts liquid, vinegar & water) and the list continues!

You can practically get rid of nearly everything in your cleaning cupboard!


Comment below for more ways you use Soapnuts!


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