5 Household Uses of Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender oil is a beautiful smelling essential oil that be be added to so many household recipes. It has strong disinfectant properties, so it can be added to just about any home-made cleaning product to make your house smell amazing.

Here’s a list of just a few:

Surface Cleaner:

Add 10 drops to a spray bottle of vinegar, for an all-purpose surface cleaner

Carpet Cleaner:

Mix 1 box of bicarb soda with 20 drops of oil. Spread onto carpet, leave for 10 minutes and vacuum up.

Air Freshener: 

Place 10 drops of oil into small container filled with dried lavender, for a beautifully smelling natural air freshener

Insect repellent: 

Fabric soaked swatches can be placed in pantries or areas with lots of bugs to deter them away.

Linen spray: 

Mix 80mL of alcohol with 1 1/2C of water and 10 drops of oil in a small spray bottle. Spray your sheets to freshen them up, and make them smell gorgeous.

I hope you have a lavender-scented Spring.



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