Replace Mothballs with this oh-so-good smelling alternative


As we (finally) head into the warmer months of the year and pack away all our thick woollen blankets and coats, instead of using toxic chemicals to protect our belongings from moths, you can easily make your own natural alternative.

The way mothballs work, is they are made of solid chemicals that when exposed to the air, slowly become gases which kill moths.

This recipe for a DIY alternative doesn’t use any toxic chemicals, and is very very simple and easy to make. Not to mention, you wont regret it when you pull out your blankets come next winter to be pleasantly surprised by the herbal/floral scent rather than the pungent mothball smell.

What you’ll need:

Lavender buds (you can buy fresh lavender and strip the buds off the flower and leave to dry for a couple of weeks)

Cinnamon sticks

Small cloth bags


Fill small cloth bags with a cinnamon stick and lavender buds and place in-between blankets and coats.

Lavender is a fantastic natural bug repellent and a beautiful addition to a garden. If you are having moth problems elsewhere in your house, you can even put these little bags in other nooks and crannies to stop the moths.



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