10 Ways to Clean with Lemons


Have you noticed most commercial cleaners in the market seem to have a lemon/citrus scent or smell?

There’s a reason for that, and it’s because lemon has strong disinfectant properties and has been used as a natural cleaner for years.

Instead of buying chemical cleaners with artificial lemon scent, why not use lemons themselves the old-school way.

Here’s some simple ways to clean with lemons:

  1. Cleaning copper. Dip a lemon in salt and clean spots off your copper
  2. Cleaning chopping boards: diluted lemon juice can be used to soak chopping boards, and remove food and stains.
  3. Kitchen Counters: Dip half a lemon in baking soda and wipe bench. Rinse with a wet sponge for a squeaky-clean counter top.
  4. Window Surface cleaner: Lemon juice and water mixed in a spray bottle is a perfect window cleaner
  5. Microwave cleaner: In a heat-proof bowl, combine 1 cup of water with 2 table spoons of lemon juice and heat in the microwave until boiling. Leave inside the microwave for 10 minutes and then wipe down food guck with a cloth and dry.
  6. Shower scum: Juice a lemon and pour it into a spray bottle and use to clean scum off your tiles (and naturally deodorize your bathroom)
  7. Jewelry: Place your silver in a bowl of lemon juice for half and hour to sanitize your jewelry.
  8. Mould: Mix lemon juice and salt to form a paste that can be used to scrub away mold and mildew naturally
  9. Linen: Adding a  teaspoon of lemon juice in your normal washing load can make your linen smell super fresh
  10. Fridge deodorizer: Half a cut lemon in the fridge acts as a natural deodorizer and can be changed weekly for effectiveness.

Hope you are inspired to clean with lemons! 




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