How to Clean your Bathroom, 100% Naturally


According to, “⅓ of Australian bathroom cleaners sold in Australia contain bleach”.

After reading all the recent reports about how bleach has been found to cause a higher risk of infections, its a way smarter choice to use natural alternatives.

So if you, like me, are worries about the health effects of chemical cleaners, its time to DIY!

Natural Toilet Cleaner

● ½ cup baking soda

● 1 cup distilled white vinegar

● ½ teaspoon tea tree essential oil

Mix oil and vingar in a spray bottle, and spray onto the surface of the toilet. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes before sprinking over baking soda and scrubbing with a toilet brush. Wipe away solution with a clean cloth, and flush toilet. Done, a sparkley white toilet bowl!

Vinegar is an awesome cleaner because it: disinfects, eliminates odors, and is non-toxic.

Sink Stain remover: 

● Baking soda

● salt

● Lemon juice

Combine roughly equal parts of all ingredients to create a paste and spread onto sink. Leave for a few minutes and scrub to remove stains.  Voila!

Mirror/ Glass Cleaner: 

● 2 cups of water

● 2 tablespoons vinegar

● 10 drops essential oil of choice- I use lemon

Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle, and clean with a microfiber cloth, or newspaper. Streak-free, shiny glass the natural way!




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